Lillstreet Artisan Wedding Fair

Are you or is someone you know getting married soon? Are you/they looking to add some unique qualities to the event? If so, please come to the Artisan Wedding Fair at Lillstreet Art Center on Sunday, August 12, from 12pm – 4pm.

There will be a classical guitarist setting the mood with cocktails and gourmet nibbles making your taste buds go a little wild and several demonstrations, giving you plenty of new ideas for your big day! This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet local jewelry artists (such as me) who specialize in making you or your partner the perfect, one-of-a kind wedding ring or jewelry for your bridal party. There will also be other artists showing their handmade work helping to make your wedding wonderfully artful. You will also have a chance to talk to Migonette Bridal about designing your dream wedding gown!

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And as if that isn’t already enough, you get to take home your very own handmade handkerchief, which you will be making during one of the demonstrations.

Because this is such a great event, and Lillstreet is going all out, space is limited. So get your tickets in advance for only $5 (advance ticket price can be applied to a minimum purchase of $25 from the Lillstreet Gallery, Limit 1 per person), or stop by and get a ticket at the door for $10. The first 50 people to arrive will get a tote bag filled with treats.

I have 3 free tickets so if you are interested in attending, please email me as soon as you can, they will go fast!

Hope to see you there 🙂


Store Stories – Lillstreet Art Center

Hey Everyone,

I’m continuing my ‘Store Stories’ series with Lillstreet Art Center, which besides selling my work is also where my studio is located.

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When I returned to Chicago in 2007 (has it really been almost 5 years already?!) I became the metals resident artist at Lillstreet Art Center, which is located at the corner of Ravenswood & Montrose Avenue. I started my first jewelry collection based on my continuing sculpture practice, which I had been doing the years before returning to Chicago in the San Francisco Bay area.

After my residency, I didn’t want to leave this incredible community so got a studio on the 3rd floor to begin my jewelry business. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work at Lillstreet, because as an artist working in Chicago, this is by far one of the best places to be. The community of artists working at Lillstreet is so special, as is the ambiance of the old brick building. There are over 30 artist studios working on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building that are open to the public (including mine:). The gallery promoting Fine Craft has been newly renovated and having some very innovative and exciting shows. And First Slice Cafe, which helps fight hunger by donating a portion of every purchase made,  just add to the charm and the integrity of this wonderful place.

Lillstreet Art Center offers classes and workshops for kids and adults all ages with all levels of experience. Classes are offered for people of every age and range from Textile Art to Printmaking to Metalsmithing. There is something for everyone, so if you feel like getting your creative juices flowing again, this is the place to go!

I myself actually just took a painting class not too long ago, because I wanted to extend my artistic horizon and reach out into the unknown. It was a great experience, and while my first paintings contained similar shapes to my jewelry when it came to medium, I managed to break out of the familiar and find new creative inspiration while doing so!

Settling into Autumn

I love visitors! After being a studio member at Lillstreet Art Center for three years, it was time to spruce it up. And with so much custom work, I needed a space that would be more inviting for patrons to come and collaborate. Look at the improvement!

"Old" Studio

The Studio before the Renovations.

"New" Studio

The Studio after the Renovations

With the help of Sarah Reaume of Annu Design, we conceived of a space that would be comfortable, elegant and inspiring…just like the jewelry!

Visitors are welcome anytime by appointment. Just call 312.636.5557 or email to set it up.

Now that the studio renovations are complete I’m switching gears to build inventory for the holiday season. I know it seems far away, but it is going to be here in no time!