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What a wonderful Autumn we are having in Chicago! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall weather as much as I am. I love to see the leaves change and get cozy on my couch with a nice cup of tea after a long day of work.

Because this time of year brings a sense of change and reflection, I decided to dedicate this post to everything that is new at Rebecca Zemans Jewelry.

First and most importantly, we have updated our Etsy Shop! If you are interested in buying jewelry from us, or are way ahead on your Christmas shopping, make sure to check out the jewelry here. Of course if you see something that you like, but you would like to add your own personal touch, then we are, as always, available and more than happy to set up an appointment to meet in person or talk on the phone.

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We also wanted to share with you our most recent custom wedding jewelry. Autumn is a busy time for weddings in the Midwest and we’ve been very lucky to be part of so many!

Also, we are planning on introducing the ENTIRE Rebecca Zemans Team (RZT) to you in a new series of blog posts, because you guys need to know who helps create the magic in the studio, so stay tuned!


Peridot – Stone of the Month

Bright green peridot is the perfect stone for your summer wardrobe and one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color, an bright olive green. The vivacity and hue of the green, depends on how much iron is in the chemical make-up of the mineral. The color of the gems can vary from yellow-to lime-to olive-to brownish-green. The most valued color is a dark olive-green.

Green is the color of life, growth, balance and healing so the peridot was used frequently all over the ancient world and has become very popular again in modernity. It was used in Egyptian jewelry as far back as the early 2nd millennium B.C by high priests to guard against jealousy. The ancient Romans were also fond of this gem to relieve depression because of its green radiance, which doesn’t diminish even in unnatural light.

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Peridots can be found all over the world and only comes in one color: various shades of green. The most beautiful ones are found on the border or Pakistan and Afghanistan and in Myanmar. The largest cut peridot is a 310 carat (62 g) stone which is housed in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


A couple of weeks ago I did a video-interview with CitySoles‘s owner Scott Starbuck. Citysoles is a great boutique in Wicker Park (on the intersection of Milwaukee, North Ave and Damen) that sells my jewelry!

Click here to see the video:

Also, I recently started my Etsy shop! Etsy is a website where artists can sell their work in an online community. I am really excited about it, so check it out if you have a minute or two…

Other than that I am busy preparing complimentary tickets for the One of a Kind show in December…keep an eye on your mailbox, this is one show you don’t want to miss!